Just as the demand for appropriate shoe care has changed over time, so has knowledge of the foot and thus the demand for corresponding comfort products. We have always felt obliged to meet the highest demands on fittings.

The complete range of Shoeboy's products, which we manufacture in our own production facilities, combines tradition, innovation and a lot of know-how. High-quality ingredients and active ingredients, their continuous further development and a feeling for fashion requirements make Shoeboy's an all-round harmonious range for shoes and leather clothing of today. Fine accessories complete the range.

The Product Pass

Shoeboy's Product Pass
The product pass listed on all Shoeboy's products communicates the strengths of the respective product or its suitability for a very special application at a glance.

The TEX Seal

Shoeboy's TEX sealThe Tex seal can be found on all products that have been tested and recommended for these functional membranes.

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